Defending Against DUI Charges

Being handcuffed and given a Breathalyzer test is frightening. The possibility of losing your driver’s license is like losing your freedom. A bold defense attorney won’t just plead your case out, but will challenge your DUI arrest in court. An aggressive defense is vital.

Rooted in the North Myrtle Beach community, our criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Stephanie Vaught Little, PC, knows South Carolina DUI laws. She has been representing clients with all types of impaired driving scenarios, including those with over-the-limit alcohol use and driving while under the influence of illegal and prescription drugs. Her committed advocacy offers peace of mind and bold defense in court.

Fighting To Keep Your Driver’s License

One of the punishments of a convicted DUI charge is driver’s license revocation. Securing our experienced defense attorney is imperative to retaining your license. If you seek legal help within 30 days of your arrest, you may have a good chance of keeping your license, while waiting for a court appearance. Timely collaboration with a defense attorney is priority, contact us today.

If you’ve been charged with DUI, we will fight diligently to help:

  • Retain your driver’s license
  • Reduce fines and penalties
  • Reduce charges to reckless driving
  • Keep you out of jail

Our cases include first-time offenses, repeated offenses, underage drinking, drunk driving collisions, and breath and urine tests.

After Your DUI Arrest

After a drunk driving charge, we are prepared to defend your constitutional rights. We investigate the details and provide a thoroughly prepared defense. We ask questions such as:

  • Did the officer making the arrest use the proper procedures?
  • Were you read your Miranda rights and was it recorded on video?
  • Can you attend a driving course to reduce points that define a license revocation?
  • Can you attend alcohol treatment to reduce points that define a license suspension?

Our Lawyer Is Ready To Help

To avoid your license being suspended, please contact us as soon as possible. Send us your details today to schedule a DUI consultation with our skillful DUI lawyer Stephanie Vaught Little or call us at 843-249-2917.